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Real-it are experienced IT Consultants & solution providers located in Sutton Coldfield, we understand the importance of maintaining flexibility across your systems, particularly in such a technologically evolving world. We work with you to make sure that you get the most out of your infrastructure and IT investment by utilising the best that both Cloud Computing and on premise IT solutions have to offer.

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Consultancy Services

Real-it provide unbiased consultancy services, we have no ties to any particular product or service and we are able to discuss and demonstrate everything on offer in detail.

We are used to advising our customers so they can make the most of their investment in technology.

Our In-House consultants will start by finding out all they can about your specific business sector and build a clear picture of your present and future requirements.

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Managed Support Contracts In Birmingham

Many of our support customers in the West Midlands simply want to use IT systems in their company and enjoy the benefits without having to worry about the technical details of equipment or how it works.

At Real-it we offer a fully managed IT consultancy service that enables you to get on with developing your business, while we look after the IT system and simply deliver software and applications to your desktop.

We can provide you with IT Consultancy, helpdesk & remote support, regular site visits, 24/7 system monitoring and regular progress meetings.

Real-it will look after every aspect of your IT system and make sure everything is working as it should.

All of our Managed support contracts are covered by an individually tailored Service Level Agreement (SLA).

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Telephone Support

IT system telephone support and customer service go hand in hand.

All support calls are logged and can be placed either by telephone or email,

calls are prioritised in accordance with our Service Level Agreement (SLA).

We can provide you with technical advice over the telephone for the following product areas:

  • Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft Operating Systems
  • Apple Operating Systems
  • Internet connectivity
  • Network infrastructure
  • Anti Spam/Spyware Software
  • MS Office applications
  • Printer operation
  • Antivirus software
  • Ongoing IT system development
  • Backup software
  • Internal and External Mail
  • Anything you need Really

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Remote Support In Birmingham

This is a remote service enabling our system specialists to make a secure connection to your network for system monitoring, diagnostics and fault resolution. We use remote software to analyse problems on client servers and PC’s and to resolve issues, this gives you a fast response and can also remove the need for a call out to site.

Our remote diagnostics service includes :

  • Microsoft 365
  • Spam analysis
  • Microsoft operating systems support
  • File restore
  • Troubleshoot system
  • Server status
  • PC remote control
  • e-mail issues
  • Anti-virus protection
  • Backup check and fault resolution
  • User administration
  • Printing issues

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24-7 Server Monitoring Software

With Real-it Monitoring Software we’ll be able to monitor the critical parts of your IT system, the ones that have potential to be the most problematic: it will send us specific and informative alerts so we can be rectifying a developing issue, often before you even know you have it!

Real-it Monitoring in the knowledge.

24-7 Round-the-Clock Checks

Typically, you will want us to oversee much of the following:

  • Windows service monitoring
  • Daily anti-virus check will advise whether your anti-virus signatures are up to date
  • Daily backup check will alert us to problems on backup jobs
  • Disk health check - spot emerging problems with physical disk health
  • Server hard disk and hard disk subsystem check including RAID controller check
  • Disk growth rate - spot problems with disk consumption
  • Hacker check alerts us to unauthorised access attempts to your IT system
  • Hacker check alerts us to unauthorised access attempts to your IT system
  • Exchange storage size check
  • Critical events check
  • Event log check - receive alerts when specific events are - or are not - discovered

How Will You Benefit?

Many issues - like disks running out of space too quickly or anti-virus signatures not being up-to-date may not be causing problems right now but they could develop into serious, full-blown disasters if left undetected.

Real-it Monitoring software offers the utmost in proactive support. We’ll become aware of developing problems before they get too large and in many cases we’ll be able to rectify them or give you timely advice on any action to be taken. There’s no hardware requirement, you can even see your own personalised, online dashboard if you wish and you can also elect to see regular reports on the state of your system.

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For more information about the best overall solution for your business, whether it be Cloud Computing, in house IT systems, or a hybrid combination of both, then Real-it are here to help. For more details you can contact us at our Sutton Coldfield office on 0121 379 8004,

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